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December 16 Sagittarius Personality

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When you feel uncertain or confident about someone, ever wonder what your mother would say you ought to do.

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Today's Moon may advice you to ignore the Aries side of your thought life or to encourage it on. After the First Quarter Moon took place in the sign of Pisces, the energy of healing is still in the air for the next two weeks.

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Whatever you decide to do, mentally, you have already pinpointed an area that needs to continue for you to grow. This is much different from the Aries zodiac sign.

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When Aries is in love and problems arise, they fight first, and if it doesn't change quickly, they walk out and perhaps never come back. An Aries has his or her pride, you know. Today's Aries Moon squared with a Sagittarius Sun encourages conflict for growth purposes. But it also encourages conflict to determine if it's even worth the war.

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The Moon harmonizes with Mercury today, so being overwhelmed may take place. Emotions can be elevated to an extreme where it appears that things are bigger than they really are. The Moon also connects with Uranus in an attempt to work towards amicable change, and your desire to work with a partner or with loved ones can be emotionally driven, thanks to Mars in Pisces conjunct with the Aries Moon. The best thing to do at this time is to be mindful that what you feel strongly may need clarification.

Sabian Symbol

Ask good questions when you're unsure about what you think and feel. Don't be so willing to compromise if it feels wrong, and if you do feel like your life needs something new to bring back the vibrancy to it, try something different, even if you have to make an extra effort to plan your fun. Aries, think big freedom. From ditching an old routine that's become stale to deciding that you really do want those new sneakers or outfit you saw at the mall, today's changes for the sake of love has a lot to do with yourself.

Things like honesty, forthrightness, and just being you Taurus, journal.

Sentimental you, may find that writing down what you want and need is a work in process but a worthy endeavor indeed. Listing past offenses. Making amends, even silent onces are all known to be helpful and healing. Your determination to do both sometime today can be a landmark of a promise: to do better when love comes knocking on your heart's door. Gemini, respect and value are needed for love and friendship to work out. Friendships can be the mirror to your heart's needs. When you see things inside your friends that you love, make a mental note of it. When you notice areas of friction or needs that are left unmet, that can be a place for you to find yourself or to find in another person that loves you in a romantic way.

Cancer, love is work and effort, but it's a labor of affection, too. With all your sweet compassion you have discovered a language that transcends it all. Share your of yourself in some way, actively. Don't let fear keep you from experiencing all the colors of life, including dark emotions. Leo, take ownership of your desire for adventure. Romance yourself? Why not? You're completely worth it. Today, you might enjoy taking yourself out and trying something new.

Call up a friend and invite him or her to see a movie with you. You can learn to love yourself in new ways that include others or doesn't if you prefer not to. Virgo, you leave loving imprint on all that you do.


December 16 Birthday Horoscope

Even if things didn't work out with someone you loved, a friend, a family member or a lover, they will never forget you because of how unique you are. If you are single, it may seem crazy to fall in love with someone who holds hearts long enough to break them. There is something new and different about you as Venus and Mars work together, and you fascinate newcomers and people you know well. With your intuition at its most powerful, it could be hard to believe the name that comes to mind when you think about love — but it may soon feel like it was meant to be.

December 16 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

Venus is right at the top of your chart so you get a very clear view of your love life — both its special strength and what you need to change. You are starting to benefit from having Mars in your sign, giving you the extra energy and bold ideas that make life interesting for you and others. Sign in. All Football. Mystic Meg. ARIES March 21 - April 20 Just when you think all your Christmas plans are firmly in place, a tempting alternative opens up now that Jupiter is in your travel chart, and you have a tantalising choice to make.

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